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About Us

About Us

Maximpact Ecosystems is the world’s first comprehensive full service impact and sustainability community, offering full end-to-end support for communities, social entrepreneurs & corporates, non profits, intermediaries & funders, governments bodies and multilateral institutions wishing to change our planet to be a better, holistic, sustainable entity benefitting many at once, yet helping one at a time.


Our mission is to provide a marketplace in which a unique network of like-minded people focus on creating good impact and a more sustainable future, which offers unlimited opportunities to work with one another. By Sharing Our Global Resources we will accelerate the rate at which we can do good for our planet and it’s inhabitants.


This phase of the Maximpact’s evolution focuses on 5 principle areas of activity to drive our ecosystem ensuring that benefits are shared fully across Maximpact. These are Finance Services, General Consulting, Marketing and Media, Maximpact Advisory, Deal Listing Platform as well as a Tools & Resources library. Each area working across channels to help make projects and ventures of all sizes investor ready.

The Maximpact Ecosystems is…

  • A global network infrastructure that brings benefits to all through its marketplace enabling everyone to find, buy or sell services.


Maximpact Ecosystems offers expertise, services, tools, networking, and more, every mission-critical area, including:

  • Finance Services – Assessments, business plans, financials, valuations , due diligence and more.
  • General Consulting – Experts covering more than 200 sectors and subsectors. Book a call for specialized advice, build project teams, customized jobs, impact and sustainability advice and more.
  • Marketing & Media – Services including press releases, e-marketing, translation, design, video, graphic design and effective communications between projects, investors and their communities.
  • Maximpact Deals – A free marketplace for projects and ventures to connect with funders and others that would like to help in their evolution
  • Maximpact Advisory – High level tailored expert advisory services, which include areas such as capital raising, M&A and public-private partnerships


Maximpact Ecosystems is designed to support sustainability efforts in virtually every impact sector:

Agriculture | Assessment | Biomimicry | Clean Technology | Community | Construction | CSR | Eco-Tourism | Environment | Finance | Forestry | Green Business | Marine | Not-For-Profit| Pollution| Eco-Tourism | Strategic Development | Renewable Energy | Waste Management | Water | Women's Empowerment