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Are you a freelancer or small to medium sized consulting firm?

Do you offer any of the services listed on Maximpact?

We cover over 200 sectors and subsectors of circular impact & sustainability. All

geographical regions are welcome.

Areas of expertise include:

Sector and subsector experts Trainers and mentors Incubators & accelerators Corporate finance, marketing and business professionals

And many more

Receive project opportunities, team build or be invited to join others. Become part of our active global network.

Earn commission on all your work referrals to the network.

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All consultants are pre-qualified before they join

for the services and areas of expertise applied for.

All network consultants must have:

Advanced university degree relevant to the area of expertise; and/or A minimum of 5 years proven work experience in the areas of expertise.

Becoming a part of Maximpact select network, you benefit from:

  • Be part of a select network
  • Promote your expertise
  • Team build or be invited by others
  • New short & long term project opportunities
  • No marketing costs, customer sourcing or pre-sales
  • Accept projects that suit your calendar
  • Free to continue your normal day to day business
  • Work flow management and billing services offered
  • End-to-end customer support
  • A 24/7 global market place
How it works
Select network consultants receive sms and email notifications of new orders. If you are available, take the order and start working.

Three work flow areas exist:

  • Fixed standard products – you may quote within a range
  • Phone consulting – fixed price minimum 60 minutes
  • Custom quotes – maximum freedom to customize your quotes