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Consulting Network

Maximpact consulting network provides access to hundreds of qualified experts, consultants and consulting firms convering over 200 sectors and subsectors. A unique netwrok of like-minded people focused on creating good impact and a more sustainable future. Book a call with a sector specific expert or find the right expert for your project.

Send Us Your Brief

Describe your project's objectives and needs. Maximpact personal assistant will assist you through the consultant selection process that best suits your needs and budget. Both customers and consultants are able to set and track their agreed payment milestones. Simple and easy.

Find Experts by Projects

Finding experts by project experience is a very effective way to find the consultant you need. Our new project map enables you to search and match by expertise, project type and geography providing the most accurate way to research and source your expert consulting needs.

Search Expert Directory

Search our experts directory, select and offer consulting jobs directly. Interview and hire through our platform. Maximpact uses a secure escrow payment and management system. Both customers and consultants are able to set and track their agreed payment milestones. Simple and easy.

Book a Call with an Expert

Need advice? Experts sector advise can be invaluable saving both time and money. Industry experts to answer your questions, verify technical points clarify your needs or to confirm your choice of consultant will empower you to make well informed decisions and can assist in avoiding costly errors. Hire the expert for a consulting project or service after the call at a click of a button.

Post a Consulting Job

Maximpact Job Board enables you to post a free job ad and reach our qualified expert consultants within minutes. Your job will then be matched with consultants in the sector of expertise. Maximpact staff will will pre-select and submit to you the available consultants that meet your needs.

Consulting Job Board

Find and apply for short and long-term consulting projects in over 200 sectors and subsectors worldwide. Maximpact network consultants can apply quickly and easily. Not yet a member? Join our community now to receive and apply for consulting jobs - it's free.

Join Consulting Network

Join Maximpact consulting network and receive project opportunities from all around the world. Apply and accept only those opportunities that are of interest to you. All consultants go through a review process to ensure expertise, quality, reliability before acceptance to our consulting community.

Project & Business Services

Offering over 185 services Maximpact can assist with needs of any kind and size. Choose from individual listed or tailored services to assist projects and businesses at any stage of development. Project Services, Business Services, Investor Ready Services ensure easy access to the needed resources at any time from anywhere.

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